10 Women Who Chose To Marry The World’s Most Dangerous Killers


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First comes love, then comes marriage, after that it’s happily ever after… right? For many women, it is all about finding Mr. Right; but what happens when he is sitting behind big metal bars? For some women, even the most dangerous of criminals aren’t off limits when it comes to love. Who are some of these women? Those who would not let even murder get in the way of their happily ever after. Who are the women that married some of the most dangerous criminals?

Tammi Saccoman



It turns out that Lyle Menendez was not the only brother to find love despite their checkered paths. Erik Menendez was married to Tammi Saccoman in 1997 in a jailhouse ceremony. The two met when Saccoman had written to Menendez when she was having a difficult time in her life. The two exchanged letters on a consistent basis until Menendez proposed. Unlike many criminals’ wives, Saccoman has been anything but quiet. She has written a book and even worked on an A & E documentary where she talked about how she drives 150 miles twice a week to visit with her husband and allow him to build a relationship with his daughter.


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