102-Year-Old Woman Becomes Oldest Delegate to Nominate Hillary Clinton for President


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Source: Carolyn Kaster / AP

Source: Carolyn Kaster / AP

At the age of 102, Jerry Emmett is basically a living history book.

Emmett has seen it all, including seeing women gain the right to vote after the approval of the 19th Amendment in 1920.


“I was just was so happy when Arizona gave women the right to vote,” Emmett shared with Peter Alexander on NBC Nightly News. “I think I was 8 years old, and we all went out and said, ‘Hooray!”’

Emmett now has another major part of history to add to her book. She was asked to be an honorary delegate for Arizona and helped nominate the first female candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

Emmett’s vote for Clinton comes about 100 years after history was first made for women everywhere.

“I surely didn’t plan to live past 100 years old,” Emmett shared with the Phoenix New Times. “When I did, and I saw all these things that were happening, it was like I had a shot in the arm.”

Emmett has been a fan of Clinton for a while now, as her house is filled with photos, letters, mugs, and other paraphernalia from the campaign.

And Emmett’s next goal on her list? She hopes to see Clinton become the first female president of the United States.

“I’m strictly joined at the hip to Hillary Clinton, and I’ve admired her all of her life,” Emmett said.

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