12 Totally Awesome Roller Coaster Photos


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If you go to an amusement park, you’ll want to come away with some kind of memento to commemorate your time there. The park owners know this and that’s why they set up cameras on their roller coaster rides. At the moment of “splash down” a photo is snap and all the good times is captured forever. Enter the fun people. These are the folks who know how to time a photo perfectly. They are also the folks you’d want to hang with on your next trip to the amusement park. Hats off to these people and their totally awesome roller coaster photos.

1. Just because you’re on a roller coaster doesn’t mean you can’t play Jenga. In fact, you should.


Funny Roller Coaster Photos 4

2. As with landing at an airport, you want to make sure you look good when your ride is over.

funny rollercoaster pictures-7

 3. Never show your hand on a roller coaster.

Funny Roller Coaster Photos 1

4. So you get on a roller coaster and a prize fight breaks out. It happens.

Funny Roller Coaster Photos (32 pics)

5. What’s sadder than a sad clown? Sad clown on a roller coaster.

(Editor’s comment: he’s an oddly jacked clown. I wouldn’t fight him)


6. The Circle of Life roller coaster style.


7. It’s never too late to have the most important meal of the day.


8. This ride might cost him Boardwalk.

Funny Roller Coaster Photos 5

9. Time for a quick nap and then it’s back to the roller coaster.

funny rollercoaster pictures-10

10. We should always keep up with current events.

Funny Roller Coaster Photos 9

11. “Hang on a sec… I can’t hear you over the screams.”

Funny Roller Coaster Photos (32 pics)

12. In the game of roller coaster beer pong, everyone is a winner.





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