18-Year-Old Walmart Employee Gives Barefoot Homeless Man Shoes Right Off His Own Feet


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Source: Myrna Kines

Source: Myrna Kines

Meet Phil Powell, a Walmart employee that went out of his way for a homeless man.

Myrna Kines, who was running a few errands in the shopping center, photographed the 18-year-old Walmart employee taking off his pink shoes to give to a homeless man.


“When I asked to take his photo, he looked at me and said ‘Why?'” Kines shared with Today. “I told him that what he did deserved recognition.”

Powell however knows what it means to be homeless. The teen used to live on the streets, but now lives with his godmother and works to provide money for his mother.

Powell was checking receipts at the doorway when he noticed a barefoot homeless man walk into the store. Powell assumed the man was there to buy a new pair of shoes, but when he left the store with just a soda, Powell offered the man the shoes on his own feet.

The sneakers he gave the man were originally red, but Powell bleached them in honor of his grandmother who previously battled breast cancer.

“It was the first time I wore the shoes to work and (I) was worried I looked like an oddball,” Powell explained. “I have another pair of shoes. He doesn’t.”

Mike Kastendsmidt, Powell’s boss, later learned of his actions and told Powell he could pick out any pair of shoes he wanted from the store. The teen picked out a $13 pair of slippers.

“I learned a lesson from this selfless act today,” Kastensmidt said.

After snapping the photo and leaving the store, Kines saw the homeless man wearing the pink shoes.

“I’ve been around for a while and have never seen an act of kindness like that before,” Kines said. “It gives me hope there’s still good in the world.”

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