3 Ways to Organize Your Life for a Stress-Free New Year


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Source: peanutbutterandglitter.com

Life is chaotic and messy. Pressure to remember and complete tasks can seem impossible if you aren’t organized, and that all adds unneeded stress on your life, and not just at home. Stress can affect your work life and your social life.

Here are three crucial tips to help you get and stay organized for the New Year. Trust us, your peace of mind will thank you.

  1. Lists are a lifesaver! Creating lists, a calendar, a to-do list, or all of the above is helpful because you are writing everything down. Do NOT rely on your memory. Physically seeing the information allows you to reference back to what you have completed and what you still need to accomplish. Crossing items off of your list will be beneficial and keep you motivated.
  2. Process of elimination. Whether it is deciding to keep or get rid of unneeded items or prioritizing the things on your list, you should evaluate and begin with what’s most important. Physically reducing clutter in your work space and home can help relieve stress by giving things away, properly storing, and labeling items. When it comes to process of elimination for work items and deadlines, make the most important and the most time-consuming projects high priority.
  3. Commit and don’t procrastinate. Whether it is a color-coordinated calendar or a to-do list, provide each task a deadline that is realistic with your availability. Doing so will ensure your commitment to completing tasks on a realistic timeline.


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