Alec Baldwin’s Brother Frowns Upon Trump Impression


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Actor Stephen Baldwin is not a fan of his brother Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression, insisting there’s nothing “funny” about the presidential election.

The former 30 Rock star has become a big hit on Saturday Night Live after debuting his Trump take on the comedy show earlier this month, when he appeared in a parody of the first presidential debate between the Republican and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon.


Baldwin and McKinnon have continued to reprise their impressions for the weekly series in the run up to the November 8 election, and while fans and critics alike have raved about their spot-on imitations, the 58-year-old’s younger brother has made it clear he doesn’t approve.

The The Usual Suspects actor, a registered Republican, was in the audience for Wednesday night’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas, and while he admitted his older brother had nailed Trump’s voice, he insisted no one should be laughing about the battle for the White House.

“I don’t think there’s anything very funny about this election,” he told reporters. “We have never had this much stagnation in our economy in God knows how long… but there’s no fooling around anymore.”

Expressing his support for the controversial real estate mogul and reality star-turned-politician, Baldwin added, “Young people and those undecided voters, everybody needs to do as much homework as they can in the next 20 days, because if Mr. Trump doesn’t get in there (into office) we’re going to see more of what we’ve seen in the last eight years.”


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