BREAKING: Amtrak Train Derails in Philly


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amtrak2 Amtrak’s northbound Northeast Regional train 188, carrying 238 passengers and 5 crew members traveling from  D.C. to NYC has derailed near Philadelphia a little after 9:30PM Tuesday night. The FBI has already responded to the scene, where rescue workers are working feverishly as there appear to be multiple injuries.  Triage units have been set up and it appears that eight to ten cars may have fallen off the tracks, but the scene is still only lit by flashlights.  At least 5 have been confirmed dead by the Mayor at a press conference he held around 11:45pm Tuesday evening.  The scene has been declared a level three mass casualty incident.  Mayor Nutter, of Philadelphia, referred to the scene as an “absolute disastrous mess.  Never seen anything like this in my life.”


Amrak has released the following statements confirming the event and injuries via Twitter: This is still a very active scene and information is unfolding by the minute as we start to put together what happened to Amtrak Northeast Regional train 188.

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