Anna Faris Pays Thousands to Resolve Dog Rescue Drama


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Anna Faris pays thousands to resolve dog rescue drama

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Actress Anna Faris has reportedly forked over $5,000 to the shelter that is once again housing her pet Chihuahua after the pooch was found abandoned on the streets of North Hollywood.

The animal-loving Scary Movie star, who is married to actor Chris Pratt, took in the dog named Pete from the Kinder4Rescue shelter in 2012, and she assumed full responsibility for the animal when signing the adoption contract, agreeing to pay a hefty fine should she pass him along to a new owner.


Last month little Pete was found down and out looking emaciated and homeless, prompting officials at Kinder4Rescue to initiate legal action against Faris for breach of contract.

But TMZ reports the actress has made good on the terms of the agreement after sending a check for $5,000 to the shelter earlier this month with the outlet publishing a photo of the bank order.

Apparently Faris gave Pete away to new owners without informing bosses at the shelter, and after the Chihuahua entered his new home, he was either thrown out or escaped into the streets. A microchip inserted into the animal for tracking purposes led back to Faris as his owner.

Pete is now at Kinder4Rescue looking for another permanent place to live.

Meanwhile Faris and her husband Pratt are getting ahead on the holiday season, as he surprised her with an early Christmas present by upgrading her wedding ring.

“He just got me this ring,” she gushed to E! News at the premiere of his new film Passengers on Wednesday. “I know. Like two days ago. I look (at it) and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe it either!’ He’s an incredibly romantic man and I’m very, very lucky.”


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