Anna Faris ‘Thrilled’ Lost Pooch Is Safe


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Actress Anna Faris is dedicated to bringing her adopted Chihuahua home after the dog was found abandoned on the streets of North Hollywood.

The animal-loving Scary Movie star, who is married to actor Chris Pratt, hit headlines early on Monday after Kinder4Rescue shelter boss Laurel Kinder revealed a pooch named Pete, which Faris had taken in in 2012, had been found, looking emaciated and homeless.


She had been trying to reach out to Faris since Pete’s discovery on Friday, and after failing to get a response, she told the actress was facing a $5,000 fine for apparently breaking the terms of her adoption contract.

However, a representative for Faris has since revealed the star is thankful her pet is now in safe hands.

“Anna is thrilled that the dog has been found, and is ensuring all necessary arrangements are made to bring the dog home,” the spokesperson tells People.

It is not clear if Pete had gone missing from Faris’ home or if her furry friend had had a new owner.

Kinder has yet to comment on Faris’ statement, but she previously told TMZ she had blacklisted Faris and explained the actress will only be able to escape the fine if she can prove she has been actively searching for the stray pet.

Kinder also claimed she was considering taking legal action against the 39-year-old for breach of contract.

Faris took full ownership of the pooch when she signed the adoption agreement and accepted she would have to pay a hefty fine if she ever handed the pet over to a new owner. The contract was designed to help shelter officials keep track of the animal.


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