Anna Paquin Blasts Paparazzi Over Photos of Her Children


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Anna Paquin blasts paparazzi over photos of her children

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Actress Anna Paquin has slammed the paparazzi for violating her children’s privacy over the Fourth of July weekend.

The True Blood star took to Twitter on Monday to wish her fans a happy holiday, while blasting a paparazzo for “exercising their first amendment right” of freedom of press to photograph her twins Poppy and Charlie with husband Stephen Moyer.


“Happy 4th (sic) everyone!!!” she wrote.

“I’d also like 2 (sic) thank the pap/paps who celebrated independence by exercising their 1st amendment right to violate my kids privacy @ (at) a parade,” she continued. “Also, stealth not so much when said pap parks in front of my house. but it’s ok their license plate joined my photo collection….”

The 33-year-old also urged her fans to boycott any images they see of her children.

“My dear and loyal twitter followers, if (sic) you see pics my kids please don’t post/tweet/give any oxygen to the creeps that take them,” she added.


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