Apple Cuts Off Tidal’s Live Stream Of Drake’s Concert


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Apple cuts off Tidal

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Jay Z’s Tidal exclusively streamed Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Fest, which included special guests Juvenile, Turk, Mannie Fresh and Master P, reports AllHipHop reports.

The concert was a charity fundraising event to benefit children who were affected by the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but when Drake appeared on stage for his set, the live stream suddenly cut off.


Tidal users, who had signed up to the site to watch the concert, then saw this message on their screens, “Apple is interfering with artistry and will not allow this artist to stream. Sorry for Big Brother’s inconvenience. We will be back after performance.”

Tidal staff also posted the message on their Twitter account.

Drake has signed a reported $19 million exclusive deal with Apple, and reports circulated earlier on Friday that Apple had threatened to sue Tidal for $20 million if they streamed Drake’s performance.


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