Up, Up and Away! Kids Help Make Superhero Capes for Homeless Children


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Source: Today/ Terry Grahl

Although the 2004 Pixar animated film The Incredibles proved that capes are not always a practical fashion choice for saving the world, capes will forever be the ultimate superhero emblem. There’s something about wearing a cape that just puts a bounce in your step.

That’s why New York City­ schoolkids from PS 173 in Queens have been crafting superhero capes for children in homeless shelters, hoping to make them feel empowered and inject their lives with some extra joy, reported Today.


In a joint effort by GenerationOn Kids Care Club, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and Enchanted Makeovers, these elementary school kids have been putting together brightly colored capes that are then sent to homeless children in Michigan.

“They are learning compassion for other children, and understanding that it doesn’t matter where you live or where you come from, you all need a little boost of self-esteem sometimes,” said Kids Care Club adviser Jean Mendler.

Source: Today

Source: Today

The capes, which feature cheerful motifs, grinning characters and words of encouragement, are then sent to Enchanted Makeovers, a nonprofit in Taylor, MI, whose mission is to help women and children in homeless shelters.

“[Our] mission is to transform shelters for women and children into healthy, nurturing, positive environments,” said Terry Grahl, who founded Enchanted Makeovers in 2007.

Grahl, who experienced homelessness herself as a child, believes that creativity, whimsy and magic are essential to helping people in this situation.

There are so many different programs we can provide to shelters besides just the food and clothing,” Grahl said.

Source: Today

Source: Today

While these capes are sure to make children feel all-powerful, it is likely that knowing other children crafted these heroic garments for them will make these accessories all the more special to their new owners.

“I think everything we make has the love and positive energy. That’s embraced around the child,” said Grahl.

And that, surely, can encourage any child to look to infinity and beyond.


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