Axl Rose Makes His AC/DC Debut in Promotional Video


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Axl Rose has made his debut as a member of AC/DC in a strained promotional video for the band’s upcoming show in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Guns N’ Roses singer, who has been drafted into the band as a replacement for Brian Johnson, took a break from rehearsals to sit down for the briefest concert ad with new bandmates, Angus Young and Cliff Williams.


Looking weary, Young tried to get enthusiastic about Saturday’s gig, which will mark the first time Rose will take the stage with the other members of the “Back in Black” band, stating, “Lisbon here we come. You know we’re really excited to be here in Portugal. We’re here to give you a great rock show so we hope to see you all there.” After an awkward pause, Rose added, “Absolutely, we’re very excited to be there,” before Williams added, “We’ll see you on Saturday!” Johnson was forced to sit out the remainder of AC/DC’s Rock or Bust world tour after doctors advised him against performing over fears that he could suffer permanent hearing loss. Rose confirmed reports he had joined AC/DC hours before his other rock supergroup, Guns N’ Roses, were set to hit the stage for their first weekend Coachella festival gig last month. Meanwhile, the inventor of the wireless in-ear monitors that have become a staple on concert stages around the world has urged Johnson not to lose hope of getting back onstage, insisting, “Help is on the way.” Stephen Ambrose of Asius Technologies has made improvements to his original invention after realizing it could cause permanent hearing loss, even when used at “reasonable listening levels,” and he has co-created a new device that protects the ear and also allows sounds to be heard more clearly at lower volumes. Ironically, Ambrose introduced Guns N’ Roses and Rose to in-ear monitors in 1990, but he wants Johnson back on stage for AC/DC. “I really can’t imagine anyone but Johnson singing ‘Back in Black,'” he said. The audio expert is hoping the British singer takes time to check out the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens, insisting it could hasten his return to the stage, adding, “Frankly, that is something everyone really wants.”

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