Baboon Cares Not for Your Child’s Entertainment; Throws You-Know-What at Taunting Children


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Source: LiveLeak/Distractify

It can be easy to forget that monkeys and apes are wild animals. They are so alike us, and they tend to be recorded doing hilarious yet often intelligent and amazing things. So you can forgive the little girls in the video below for expecting this baboon to follow suit. Unfortunately, the baboon in question just wasn’t having it that day.

The video starts off with two little girls circling a fenced-in cage containing a baboon. Now, the primate was pacing up and down the cage, so it can be assumed the young girl was trying to cheer him up when she yelled, “I’ll give you food,” and throwing some at the cage. The baboon, again, wasn’t having it. Her friend decided to get the baboon’s attention by waving her arms, perhaps trying to speak its language.


Oh, the baboon didn’t like that. It proceeded to puff out its chest and let off a screech, and then went to retrieve some ammunition that it probably reserved especially for situations like this.

Check out what happened (WARNING – explicit language):

I’m sure both these young girls, and their parents for that matter, after being bombarded with feces with pinpoint precision, will think twice before bothering a baboon in a cage again.

(H/T: Distractify)


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