Beyonce’s New Clothing Line Features Model With Muscular Dystrophy


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Jillian Mercado is a model just like any other. She’s signed with IMG Models, has a hefty Instagram following, and, of course, is gorgeous. Oh, she also has muscular distrophy.

That’s why when Mercado announced she was to star in Beyoncé’s latest clothing campaign, everyone took notice.


Mercado wears a collection of sweatshirts and hoodies on the site, all while sitting in her wheelchair.

This is the latest positive move in the fashion industry that has only just begun to diversify their models.

Agencies like IMG and others are starting to give heavy work for their in-demand plus-size models and models with disabilities. Designers are also starting to make clothes much more accessible for those with disabilities.

But this isn’t the first major campaign Mercado has appeared in. She also made headlines after appearing in a 2014 diesel campaign and was the subject of an editorial for CR Fashion Book magazine.

“Things are changing, but in a really good way,” Mercado writes for Fashion Book.

“Specifically, in the fashion industry, diversity is a really big thing that should’ve happened a long time ago, and now we’re finally seeing things move forward.”


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