Watch Moment 7-Year-Old Dances for First Time Since Paralysis Thanks to Therapy Harness


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Bruce Mansy

Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

For anybody who becomes paralyzed, reclaiming what they’ve lost is nearly impossible. Thanks to a revolutionary therapy treatment, one boy is giving hope to those who think they may never walk again.

7-year-old Bruce Mansy was paralyzed from the waist down on Sept. 17, 2016 when he, his three siblings, and their father were involved in a car accident in Fresno, California. All suffered minor bumps and bruises, except Bruce, who tragically suffered a spinal cord injury that left him unable to walk.


Mansy’s parents describe him as a “vibrant, energetic boy,” according to Inside Edition, but doctors left them shellshocked when they were told Bruce would never walk again. Lyhoy and Samuel, Bruce Mansy’s parents, vowed they would do everything they could to help the child walk again. They were then introduced to Project Walk, a paralysis rehabilitation center in Walnut Creek, California, which is a “pioneer in activity-based recovery and has been treating people living with paralysis for nearly two decades,” the organization wrote on its website. The organization uses “harness therapy,” which ABC News states is “designed to stimulate and improve motor function below the waist, and other therapies.” Recently, Lyhoy Mansy shared a video of young Bruce in the harness showing the boy becoming ecstatic as he was once again on his feet and “dancing” around. “It makes me happy,” said Bruce. Bruce’s inspiring story has caught on like wildfire through social media, with many commenting and sharing his story of courage and strength. It’s a casual reminder that if you never give up, the impossible becomes anything but. Share Bruce’s inspiring story with your friends.