Caitlyn Jenner Facing New Lawsuit Over Car Crash


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Caitlyn Jenner is facing a new lawsuit over a fatal car crash back in February.

Grammy-nominated composer Peter Wolf-Millesi, his wife Lea, and his mother-in-law Elga Maurer, are suing the former Olympic gold medalist for injuries they suffered in the accident in Malibu, California, on February 7.


The couple’s young children, Nino and Gaetano, are also named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in Los Angeles.

Their vehicle was hit by the car driven by Kim Howe, who later died of her injuries. Howe’s car was rear-ended by Jenner’s vehicle, causing her to swerve into oncoming traffic, striking Wolf-Millesi’s car.

The Wolf-Millesi family blame Jenner for their “serious injuries” and “great physical and mental pain and suffering” stemming from the crash, according to court documents obtained by editors at People.

Wolf-Millesi, who earned a Grammy nomination as a producer and co-writer on Starship’s 1985 hit “We Built This City,” alleges he continues to suffer from “severe nerve damage to his wrists and hands.” His wife Lea also requires orthopedic treatment, and their baby Gaetano had to be hospitalized after the crash.

They are seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and future loss of earnings.

Prosecutors in California previously confirmed they would not be charging Jenner over her involvement in the fatal crash, but she faces a series of lawsuits from the victims.

The adult stepchildren of Kim Howe are suing Jenner, while another woman involved in the crash filed a separate lawsuit against the former Olympian in June.


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