Caitlyn Jenner Settles Another Lawsuit Linked to Deadly Car Crash


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Caitlyn Jenner settles another lawsuit linked to horror crash

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The stepchildren of the motorist killed in a 2015 multi-vehicle accident involving reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner have reportedly reached a settlement with the retired Olympian.

The transgender star, who was Bruce Jenner at the time of the crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, was sued by William Howe and Dana Redmond for the wrongful death of their stepmother. The adult siblings refreshed their suit in July, claiming Jenner’s insurance policy did not cover their damages.


Jenner asked for the lawsuit to be thrown out, insisting the stepkids did not depend on Howe and were allegedly estranged from her at the time of the accident.

The legal battle rumbled on, but now Howe’s stepchildren have filed to dismiss the lawsuit after reportedly settling with Jenner.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Howe and Redmond filed dismissals on Tuesday.

Police reports suggest Jenner drove into the rear of Jessica Steindorff’s Toyota Prius, which started a chain reaction, pushing Howe’s Lexus into oncoming traffic.

Jenner settled another lawsuit linked to the PCH crash at the end of December, when she came to an agreement with Steindorff.

The full details of the settlement have not been released, but Jenner’s insurance company officials agreed to pay Steindorff, 66, for personal injury and property damage.

Jenner, who was two months shy of announcing her male-to-female transition during a U.S. TV news special when the accident occurred, was never charged with vehicular manslaughter. She still faces one more lawsuit connected to the February crash.


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