Carrie Fisher Fans’ Walk of Fame Star to Stay for Now


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Courtesy of WENN Newsdesk

Carrie Fisher’s makeshift star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is to stay until the new year, so fans have a place to gather and pay their respects.

Devotees created their own star and shrine to the late Star Wars icon after learning of her death on Tuesday, and Walk of Fame officials have no immediate plans to remove it.


A representative for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who oversee the Walk of Fame, tells TMZ the star on the corner of Orange and Hollywood Boulevard will be removed in a few days, after fans have had their chance to mourn. Fisher never unveiled a star on the Walk of Fame during her lifetime. Meanwhile, it has emerged Fisher was planning to spend more time in London in 2017 after buying a pad in the city shortly before her death. The actress was on her way back to Los Angeles from London when she suffered a massive heart attack on December 23.

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