Celebrities Caught Lip Syncing


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We all know performing in front of others is nerve racking. Jeez, I have anxiety belting away in my apartment if I think my downstairs neighbor might hear. For some of our favorite musicians, it seems like after years of performing in front of roaring crowds, they’d get used to it. But that’s not always the case.

Some of the biggest stars in music have been caught duping their fans and onlookers playing a pre-recorded track in lieu of actual singing. We feel cheated, abandoned, left adrift in a world devoid of meaning or purpose. For realz. What leads a performer to do such a thing, to betray us like that? Sometimes it’s not their fault. It may be they were unable to rehearse. Maybe a medical issue? Horrible managers? Here are 10 of the worst lip-syncing moments in recent memory.



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