Celebrities Demand Political Action to Block Donald Trump’s Healthcare Bill


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Source: Twitter/Alyssa Milano

Stars including Katy Perry, John Legend and Alyssa Milano have demanded politicians block President Donald Trump’s controversial health care bill.

The American Health Care Act was passed by politicians in theHouse of Representatives on Thursday, meaning that Trump can sign it into law if the Senate votes to pass the bill.


Politicians from the Republican Party who backed the act sparked outrage as the bill allows companies to increase health insurance costs for individuals deemed higher insurance risks, potentially preventing millions from being able to afford medical treatment. On Twitter, Perry called on Americans to phone their Senators and demand they block the bill, while Legend wrote, “House (of Representatives) GOP (Republican Party) literally voting to let people die. This sounds hyperbolic but it isn’t. Make them regret this vote.” Of particular concern is a provision in the bill allowing insurance companies to increase the insurance premiums for sexual assault and domestic violence by deeming them as having a “pre-existing” healthcare condition. Women with female specific health issues such as postpartum depression and anxiety, irregular and painful periods or pregnant women who have had caesarean sections (c-sections) may also be affected. The actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to slam Republican politicians’ disregard for women’s health issues. “These are the lawmakers making the decisions for my vagina,” she captioned a Twitter picture of Trump and his Republican backers. “Looks like none of them have made contact with one in a while.” Highlighting her own possible pre-existing conditions she added, “My name is Alyssa Milano. I have anxiety disorder, 2 pregnancies, 2 c-sections and cystic acne.” Others to condemn the bill, which if passed will replace former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, include the actress America Ferrera, Ellen Pompeo and George Takei.

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