Celebrities Who are Aging Horribly


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We all have to deal with the joys of getting older.  Aging is just a part of life.  But for most of us, we get to do it in private with a relatively small selection of people we’ve chosen to surround ourself with in life.  Well that’s not the case for celebrities – They’ve got the whole world watching!

Some celebrities are looking better and better each year, but then there are those who are not as lucky.  It could just be bad genes for some of them – they’re only human after all – but for others, drugs, alcohol, years of wild partying and even jail time has had quite the impact on their aging process.  Oh and then there’s the plastic surgery issue.  Some celebs are so afraid of the years catching up with them that they turn to surgery to tighten, plump, nip and tuck anything they see in the mirror that they don’t like.  Well that plan usually ends up backfiring, leaving them looking no younger, just incredibly bizarre.  Check out our insane before and after photos of some celebrities that aren’t aging as gracefully as we had imagined… you won’t believe some of their transformations!!

Mickey Rourke



He’s taken quite a few beatings… and it shows!


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