Channing Tatum Insulted A Kitten On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ For Two Minutes And It Was Hilarious


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Source: ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Source: ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live

On Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, actor Channing Tatum wanted to do a little something to promote his upcoming movie, The Hateful Eight, but since he couldn’t be there in person, he and Kimmel went for an unconventional approach.

Kimmel introduced Tatum and a video clip by saying, “I won’t say it needs no introduction. All I will say is that it wouldn’t make any more sense if it had one.”


The short video, “Channing Tatum Says 8 Hateful Things To A Kitten” was then played where, for whatever reason, Tatum is filmed for two minutes insulting an adorable white kitten.

And to say the least, it’s incredibly funny.

“You’re such a piece of s**t,” Tatum said as the video started.

The kitten, obviously oblivious to it all, simply sits and stares at the actor.

Among the other gems, Tatum tells the kitten, “You know what sucks about you? You don’t have thumbs, dude. That sucks for you.”

Of course, it’s the kitten that gets the last laugh in the end.


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