‘Chardonnay Go’ Is the New ‘Pokémon Go’ App for Moms


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Source: Dena Blizzard

Source: Dena Blizzard

Pokémon Go may have some new competition. Introducing: Chardonnay Go, the Pokémon Go-like app that is perfect for all parents.

The hilarious video parody was created by Dena Blizzard, an employee at New Jersey’s 101.5FM. In the video, Blizzard looks for glasses of chardonnay around her neighborhood instead of Pokémon.


“Everyone is talking about an app called Pokémon Go where kids can go around and find Pokémon,” Blizzard shares in the video. “But did you know there’s an app for moms called Chardonnay Go where you can actually find glasses of Chardonnay all over your neighborhood?”

Blizzard uses the fake app to play the game and searches her neighborhood for glasses of wine.

“Free chardonnay for moms everywhere!” she yells in excitement.

Blizzard also pokes fun at the security question raised with the game sharing, “There are no problems with security because Google wants you to drink.”

The video quickly went viral with 8.6 million views and 46,000 likes at the time of press.

Blizzard is the star of off-Broadway show “One Funny Mother” and runs a humorous blog about parenting.

So, the real question is when is this app available for download!?

Check out the hilarious spoof below!


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