Chris Brown: ‘I Won’t Go to Court to Fight Ex’s Abuse Allegations’


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Source: WENN

Chris Brown is blasting allegations he physically abused Karrueche Tran, insisting he would own up if he was guilty — just like he did after assaulting Rihanna.

The “Kiss Kiss” hitmaker was arrested in 2009 after beating up his then-girlfriend Rihanna, and sentenced to five years of probation, counseling, and hard labor after confessing to a charge of felony assault, and his infamous temper hit headlines again in February when model and TV personality Tran obtained a restraining order against the singer.


Tran accused the 28-year-old of attacking her and threatening to kill her following the end of their four-year relationship in 2015. He was allegedly served with legal papers notifying him of the protective order as he celebrated his birthday at a club in Houston, Texas last week, amid reports suggesting Tran was ready to tell all and testify against her ex. However, Brown has since addressed his latest legal woes in a rant on Instagram, in which he vehemently denies hitting Tran and insists he is the one being harassed by her team of publicists. He also maintains he was never actually served. Commenting on a report about the restraining order on Baller Alert, he wrote, “I’m so sick of these thirsty (desperate) adults. Her team is trying their best. For what? No one has served me and the lengths they are going (to), I should call them stalkers. What’s even more f**ked up is that, they played off my past by saying I abused her. C’mon now, opening old wounds to make Kae (Tran) a victim, that’s some evil s**t. Sad part, y’all believe it… (sic).” Insisting he is being “slandered,” Brown adds, “Nobody will care about them if my name isn’t involved. I want nothing to do with her. You think I wanna chase or still be with someone who would try to destroy me? She doesn’t need a restraining order from me. I need one from them (her team) (sic).” In a follow-up post, Brown, who is currently on tour, makes it clear he will not stand for the false accusations: “I will not go to court to admit guilt to further tarnish who I am,” he continued. “I pled guilty in the Rihanna case because I was. I refuse to allow these evil hearted people to label me and lie because they think it will skyrocket their career. Just stay away from me.” Tran has yet to respond to Brown’s remarks, which echo those of his attorney, Mark Geragos, who previously accused her of making up the domestic violence claims to “enhance” her own profile.

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