Cop Buys Bike for Girl After Hers Is Stolen


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Source: APlus

Source: APlus

When you’re a kid, a bicycle means everything, especially during the summer. That’s why when 6-year-old Serenity’s bike was stolen, she was heartbroken.

According to WFLA News, Serenity’s 12-year-old brother had borrowed it, but left it unattended in front of a store. When he came out, it was gone. The boy called his mother who said he had “better not come home without that bicycle, because you know she (Serenity) going to have a fit.”


So, he called 911. Police Officer Matthew Ervin took the call and immediately knew he could do more to help.

“I just think it’s unacceptable for a kid to not have a bicycle, especially in summer. I think every kid deserves a bike,” Ervin told WFLA.

The officer went to Walmart and bought a new bike for Serenity in purple – the same color as her old one.

“The police officer was nice. He went to Walmart and bought me another one. I took a picture with the officer, and then I hugged him,” Serenity told WFLA.

Serenity’s aunt, Nese Coker, said she couldn’t believe what he’d done and that the good deed “made me realize there are good officers out there.”

Meanwhile, Ervin said that stuff like this is why he loves his job so much.

“Stuff like that is why I love this job and why I do this job. It’s nice when you can actually make a real positive difference and help someone out, and make a difference, especially in a child’s life,” he said.

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