Cop Puts Herself on the Same Level as This Kid in the Most Heartwarming Way


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Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

This cop knows that children and adults alike have bad days from time to time and just want someone to wipe their tears and give them a smile.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Precious Cornner-Jones was at a school rally when she saw a young boy having a bad day and attempted to cheer him up.


At IPS School 88 in Indianapolis, IN, the “little fella” fell to the floor in frustration and sadness. Sympathetic, the woman officer fell to his level and talked to him.

According to his mother, Cornner-Jones said, he expresses himself like this as of recently.

After he started crying, the sergeant wiped away his tears, letting him know everything will be alright.

“Thank you Sgt. Precious Cornner-Jones for renewing our faith in law enforcement,” wrote Pastor Preston T Adams III, present at the rally, on Facebook. “You prove what must be the true essence of every police is possible: to protect AND serve.”

With ongoing controversy regarding the nation’s police, it is refreshing to hear stories like this one.

Just Monday, another act of love was shown when an officer in Ohio gave a grieving man a lift 100 miles away, regardless of his outstanding warrant.

“Get on someone’s level today and make them smile!!” wrote Cornner-Jones when sharing the photo on Facebook Tuesday. “Spread PEACE and LOVE you might be that person that gives them hope!”


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