Couple Gives The Ultimate Christmas Gift And Surprises Daughters With Baby Brother


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Source: Facebook Court4jc

Source: Facebook Court4jc

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning only to find a new baby brother waiting for you underneath the tree.

Courtney Solstad did exactly that and gave her three daughters an early surprise for Christmas that they will never forget.


Solstad’s daughters have wished for a baby brother ever since Solstad and her husband toyed with the idea of adoption. Her daughter Chloe even wrote it down as her Christmas wish, Solstad shared on a Facebook post that has now been set to private.

However, instead of telling the girls about their new baby brother, Nathan, Solstad surprised the three young girls by placing him under the tree and filming their reaction to the surprise.

“The girls knew nothing about Nathan until this…we met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share…and it was under the tree,” Solstad wrote.

The girls’ reaction was completely sweet and adorable. One of the girls started crying of happiness. Another one can be heard in the background saying, “I’m going to wet my pants!”

“We prayed big things and God answered in big ways! Our little guy is so incredibly perfect! He is healthy and happy and just the sweetest thing you have ever seen,” Solstad shared on Facebook.

It’s a Christmas gift this family will never forget.


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