Dame Barbara Windsor’s ‘EastEnders’ Character to be Killed Off


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Beloved British actress Barbara Windsor is leaving the TV soap she has been a part of her life since 1994.

The former Carry On regular has portrayed tough-talking Peggy Mitchell on EastEnders for more than two decades, but now she has confirmed the character will be killed off.


During an appearance on the show on Friday night, Windsor’s character told her son Phil that her cancer had returned.

The actress, who was named a Dame in Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year Honors List just over two weeks ago, told the BBC she has agonized over her decision to leave the show for good.

“Peggy is a character close to my heart but I made the decision a while ago that I need to say goodbye to her once and for all, as otherwise she will always be there, urging me to go back, and that is something I need to shut the door on,” the 78-year-old said.

Dame Windsor was a regular on the show until 2010, and she has returned periodically since then.

Sources reveal her final scenes, in which Mitchell succumbs to her disease, were filmed in secret in November. They will air later this year.

EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said, “Barbara is the real guvnor of EastEnders, so when she told me her decision back in the summer, we both had a little cry before getting excited about how Peggy Mitchell, the matriarch to end all matriarchs, could bid her final farewell to Albert Square.”

He assures fans her exit will be notable, stating Windsor’s departure would be “one of the most heartbreaking, uplifting and epic exits an EastEnders character has ever had.”


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