Twin Sisters Give Birth to Baby Boys on the Same Exact Day


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It doesn’t get more coincidental than this! Twins Kim Abraham and Danielle Grant have been side by side since they were born. The 32-year-old sisters have done everything together and even gave birth on the same day! “We both wanted babies, but we didn’t think we would get pregnant the same time,” Grant told the Asbury Park Press. “This was not planned.” The sisters spent their pregnancies doing everything together. They coordinated doctor’s visits and even had similar food cravings. The twins also shared a gender reveal party, where they both found out they would be having boys. The similarities didn’t stop after the gender reveal party. The twins then found out that they shared a due date. They were both expected to give birth on April 22. “We thought it would be a couple days off. It was definitely unbelievable. It was awesome,” Grant said to Inside Edition. Regardless of having the same due date, the sisters still thought it would be highly unlikely that they would go into labor on the same day. “The chance of actually going on your due date is not good, so we’re like, ‘They’re never going to be born the same day. Just a couple days. It’s still really cool,” Grant told Inside Edition. While the twins did not go into labor on their due date, they both had to be induced later that week and chose the same date. They even picked neighboring rooms in the hospital. “Yes, we were texting each other and FaceTiming each other to see what was going on and how she was doing and how I was doing. My mom was there — back and forth — in-between the rooms and then our husbands were in-between the rooms just to see what was going on,” Grant said to Inside Edition. Danielle Grant gave birth to Roman at 11:42 a.m. and Abraham followed later that afternoon with Aaron at 3:21 p.m.

Source: Inside Edition YouTube

According to professor Olga Malpica Proctor, the odds of twins giving birth on the same day “are about 8 in 100,000.” Proctor also said the odds are “roughly the same odds of someone getting struck by lighting once in their lifetime. The odds that both of those babies are the same gender is approximately 4 in 100,000.” “That is just so amazing,” Proctor told the Asbury Park Press.
(H/T Inside Edition)

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