Demi Lovato Hits Back At Pink Over VMAs Criticism


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Demi Lovato defended her new single “Cool for the Summer” following criticism from pop singer Pink, who confessed she “felt embarrassed” by the songs performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.


Pink blasted the quality of the music featured on the show, writing on a private Instagram account, “I felt embarrassed and sad. And old… I felt sad because music is supposed to inspire. It saved my life. This trash won’t save any kid’s life… Let down by my industry peers. Beside Macklemore and Pharrell (Williams) and (Justin) Bieber (pre-sob fest) and The Weeknd, Tori Kelly was dope too…The rest was gross and embarrassing and hard for this ageing pop star to believe.”

Many fans assumed she was criticizing the remaining performers, including Lovato, host Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, but Pink later denied starting “a feud”, tweeting that she has “no issue with Demi Lovato or anyone else” but adding, “I stand by what I said.”

Lovato has now defended her single, writing, “‘Cool For The Summer’ may not ‘save kid’s lives’ or ‘inspire’ but I’d say [my other singles] Skyscraper & Warrior have done a pretty good job of helping people… cope with mental illness. VMAs are sexy and fun. There’s a time and place for everything… I’m excited for you all to hear the inspirational/honest/soulful songs on this album.”

Following Lovato’s comments, Pink responded with a series of tweets that will hopefully put this nonsense to rest.


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