‘Depressed’ Dog That Stared at a Wall Is Getting a Second Chance After Being Rescued


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The dog days are over!


March, an adult pit mix dog, is getting a second chance to go home with a family. A photo went viral of March after his first adoption fell through and he was returned to the shelter looking very sick and depressed.

March is so depressed in his kennel Can anyone give him a forever home?

Posted by Dawn Timmeney FOX 29 on Friday, March 18, 2016

Fox29 reporter, Dawn Timmeney, shared the story on Facebook, explaining the dog was supposed to be rescued, but at the last minute the adopters backed out putting March back into shelter life.

March was staying at the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT), “an open-admission, high-intake shelter that is forced to euthanize pets after a certain period of time,” explained spokesperson Ame Dorminy.

Timmeney posted the photo hoping that a family would give “him a forever home.” The post also shared that, “He was such a happy boy, but shelter life is taking a toll on him.”

Source: Facebook ACCT Philly

Source: Facebook ACCT Philly

Luckily for March, a local rescue team, who asked to remain anonymous, took home the dog to give him a better quality of life outside the shelter. While it may not be a “forever home,” it improves the dog’s life immensely.

“I was hoping it would get him a little more exposure [but] I had no idea that it would go viral,” Doven Collins of ACCT Philly animal control agency in Philadelphia shared with ABC News. “It was amazing to see the outpouring [and] to see that number of people that cared about March and other animals like him. With all the crazy things going on in the world, it gave me some hope in humanity.”

“They are a very highly regarded local group that will put March up for adoption through their shelter,” ACCT Philly shared on its Facebook page. “While he does not yet have a ‘forever home,’ being transferred from ACCT Philly to their no-kill group is very positive for March.”

ACCT Philly shared a picture of March leaving the shelter, looking upbeat and happy about his new opportunity.

March has officially left the building! Thank you to our fabulous rescue partner for giving him a second chance. Now,…

Posted by ACCT Philly on Monday, March 21, 2016

“I have no doubt that he’ll get adopted,” Collins said. “He grabbed my heart.”

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