You’ll Crack Up Over How This Grandma Reacted to Her Grandson’s NYE Plans


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DJ Jade Reed

Source: YouTube/Jade Reed

Grandmothers have the best reactions, don’t they?

This grandma in particular was shocked after finding out her grandson DJ Jade Reed’s New Year’s Eve plans.


“Jesus!” as she says, pretty much sums it up. Reed had a New Year’s Eve gig at a warehouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which required him leaving the house around 8 p.m. and returning around 7 a.m. and grandma cannot believe it. “Oh, I don’t know about that,” says the adorable, elderly woman. Reed told Your Daily Dish, “As soon as I started telling her my plans I could tell she was super interested so I decided to take video of the rest of our conversation.” And posted that video of the reaction to YouTube on January 4. One day later, it had over 57,000 views.
Grandparents just don’t understand! “I haven’t told her she has went viral yet, I might have to film that too,” Reed told Your Daily Dish. We eagerly await the reaction to her reaction.