Baby Is Heartbroken When Dog Rejects His Offer of Cuddles


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Source: @Itsbubz/Instagram

Source: @Itsbubz/Instagram

Unrequited love is a tough thing to deal with. Epic stories have been written about an individual fighting for the affections of another. Faced with rejection after rejection, it can be a struggle and it can be heartbreaking.

But with all that being said, the dog in this video is just mean.


Beauty and lifestyle Vlogger Bubzbeauty shared her own experience of unrequited love, this time focusing on her toddler son Isaac and dog Chubbi. Young Isaac attempted to give Chubbi a hug, mother egging him with, “Give her a hug. Be gentle!” Chubbi wasn’t having it and backed away, looking in the camera as if to say “Is this dude serious?”

Undeterred, the little boy tried again to show his affection, and this time Chubbi recoiled, raising a paw in a “Nah, son” manner before making her way out of the situation.

“Rejected!” his mother exclaimed. Isaac, visibly heartbroken, collapsed to the floor and burst into tears.

It was rough:

Rejected #isaacng #babybubz #chubbi

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Don’t worry Isaac – We’re sure Chubbi will come around eventually.


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