Dwayne Johnson Adds Jack Black and Kevin Hart to ‘Jumanji’ Adventure


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Dwayne Johnson is set for double the fun on the upcoming Jumanji movie remake after signing Kevin Hart and Jack Black up for the blockbuster.

The wrestler-turned-actor, 44, recently confirmed reports he would be starring in the latest version of the beloved 1995 film, about a boy who becomes trapped in a magical board game, and now Johnson, aka The Rock, has announced funnymen Black and Hart will be joining him for the comedy adventure.


In a new Instagram post on Wednesday, the action man wrote, “In our reimagining of the story of JUMANJI, Jack brings that rare balance of cool with funny and edge with childlike joy.”

He also confirmed his Central Intelligence star Hart would be joining the “Jumanji Breakfast Club.”

In a post on social media earlier this week, Johnson added, “In the original movie there were three big roles. In our new story there’s now FIVE. Been so damn cool to see all my actor buddies push their projects aside so hopefully they can come play in our world.”

And raving about the project, he stated: “Excellent meeting with our director Jake Kasdan, producer Matt Tolmach… I felt like in order to craft something cool we should begin where it all started. Award winning writer Chris Van Allsburg’s source material of JUMANJI. Chris also wrote THE POLAR EXPRESS (later adapted by Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks) and has a very special & magical way of storytelling. I’m feelin’ good and confident stepping into these shoes as a producer as well as actor to bring you something great that you and your entire fam (family) can enjoy. An important thing that I want to be honest and bring up is Robin Williams. The love and respect I have for this man is boundless. You have my word, we will honor his name and the character of ‘Alan Parrish’ will stand alone and be forever immortalized in the world of JUMANJI in an earnest and cool way.”

In the original movie Williams played the grown-up Alan Parrish, who spent 26 years locked inside the Jumanji board game.

“I have an idea of what to do and I think his family will be proud,” Johnson added. “I also think Robin is somewhere lookin’ (sic) down and laughing, remembering the first time we met backstage and I (for the first time ever) was a star struck bumbling idiot that couldn’t even get my words out.”

The new Jumanji is currently scheduled for release in July 2017.


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