Expectant Mom’s Parody of Pregnant Giraffe Live Stream Goes Viral


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Expectant mother and photographer Erin Dietrich decided to have some fun on Facebook live, and she went viral in the process.


Taking inspiration from the continuing live-stream of April, a giraffe waiting to give birth at New York’s Animal Adventure Park, Dietrich and her husband decided to parody the giraffe on Facebook live.

It was my husband’s idea to order a mask off Amazon and my idea to do a live feed last night to look like April’s,” she explained to the Huffington Post.

The clip, which is just a few minutes long, features Erin Deitrich wearing the aforementioned rubber giraffe mask — as well as a string of pearls and workout gear — mugging for the camera, dancing, going through various exercises, and impatiently waiting to give birth.

Erin Dietrich

Source: Erin Dietrich Facebook

The video, originally posted on March 5, has quickly become a mega viral hit. It has amassed over 267,000 reactions, 425,000 shares, and over 25 million views as of March 7.

Your Daily Dish spoke with Erin Dietrich about the huge response. She told us the attention was “unexpected,” and that she and her husband were “… just having some fun!”

When asked if there would be anymore videos, she simply responded “we’ll see.”

If there is a sequel, it will have to be soon as Dietrich is scheduled to give birth on March 14, while April is due any day now.

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