Funny Twitter Account Will Rate Your Dog, Even If It’s Not A Dog


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Source: Twitter/@dog_rates

Source: [email protected]_rates

If you were ever interested in knowing how your dog compares to other pets out there, now there’s a Twitter account that will rate your “best friend” for free, even if your best friend isn’t actually a dog.

WeRateDogs is a humorous Twitter account that grades your pet on a 1-to-10 (or 12) scale, offering comedic takes on your pet, such as assuming your pet is a superhero, or that it’s a “menace on the roadways,” or in the case of a lizard submitted to the site, “devastatingly unfluffy.”

That’s right, sometimes when people want their “dog” rated, they’ve been sending images of other pets, and the comedy account takes these in stride.

The funny Twitter account has racked up over 125,000 followers and is rapidly growing. Users who want to have their dog (or whatever) rated can send a direct message to the account and the account’s moderators will provide a public rating, though they warn due to the overwhelming amount of requests, “only the best” will receive a public tweet.

Regardless, if you’re not laughing at the hilarious ratings for each dog, you’ll be floored by the adorable puppy faces and ridiculous “names” (a “Tortellini Sidewinder”) they give many of the dogs. Check out some of our favorites in the pages below.

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