70’s Child Stars – Where Are They Now?


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Source: playbuzz.com

1970s TV and movies was a much simpler time than the current era. You could throw a rock in 1974 and hit a show where a family drove around in a van and sang songs, which is pretty much the exact opposite of the CSI: Wisconsin type shows that are all the rage these days.

If Boogie Nights taught us anything, it’s that the 70s were a really great time to be alive. After that it was pretty much all downhill, as many of the former child stars on this list go a long way toward proving. The sex-crazed, drug-fueled monsters stigma that current child stars now face was pretty much invented by some of the more notable names on this list.

Some of the stars have never really left the public eye. However, there are more than a few that will definitely surprise you when you get the answer to the question, “Where are they now?”


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