Which of These 90s Kids Movies Did You Love the Most?


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Source: 20th Century Fox

People are probably tired of hearing 90s kids this, 90s kids that, but we really just had so much going for us. 90s music, fashion (which was sometimes questionable), and dances are among the notable contributions made to modern pop culture from that decade, but one golden aspect about growing up at this time was the movies.

The 90s produced some of the most iconic movies to date, and the category of children’s films was no exception. From coming-of-age stories, to talking animals, and all the way to triumphant sports tales, there was a movie out there for just about every kid in every niche imaginable.

There are, of course, a ton of Disney and Pixar movies that we all vividly recall from the 90s, and they garnered the majority of the critical attention. However, there are other movies that may have slipped our minds, but that we enjoyed in our adolescence all the same.

You may have completely forgotten about some of your childhood favorites, but once your memory is jogged, you’ll be compelled to watch these classics all over again.


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