What These Baywatch Beauties Look Like Now is Incredible


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Whether you’re a fan of 1980s and 1990s syndicated television or just can’t wait to see what old property Hollywood will decide to reboot next, the fact that a “Baywatch” movie is on the horizon is something that surely caught your attention recently. Though little about the project is known beyond the fact that it exists, one thing is for sure – David Hasselhoff is probably already camped out somewhere trying to get a role in this big budget feature adaptation of the show that made him famous.

This news got us wondering – what have some of the old “Baywatch” cast members been up to over the last twenty years? How many of them continued to act and how many have fallen away? Some of them – like the Hoff – have maintained a public spotlight almost constantly since then. Others, however, seem to have disappeared. A select few have managed to take a bit part on “Baywatch” that they probably filmed in an afternoon and turn it into the type of hugely successful film and television career that legends are made of – we’re looking in your direction, Jason Momoa!

Are you wondering what the old “Baywatch” stars look like now? The answers may be surprising to say the least!


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