Your Dog’s Bad Habits and How to Fix Them


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SOURCE: Pixabay

Do you have a bad pooch? Is your puppy’s naughty behavior starting to get on your nerves? Well for starters, there is no such thing an ill-intentioned dog. Animals are conditioned to react to stimuli in certain ways for the sake of survival. Nonetheless, it is exasperating to have your dog howl, bite, pull, pee, and jump his or her way around the house. We all love our dogs, but some bad habits just need to go. With proper interference, some cool gadgets, and plenty of Scooby-Doo Snacks, you can recondition behavior safely and effectively. Here are your dog’s 19 bad habits and ways to fix them.

*Before starting any training, consult a professional in order to prevent any injuries or mitigation.


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