Donald Trump’s Most Controversial Insults


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Credit: Reuters

By now you’ve likely become well acquainted with a certain Donald J. Trump, billionaire (maybe?), real estate mogul (definitely), four-time bankrupt (yes), and “speaker of his mind” (absolutely).

That last one is probably the most controversial on the list. Mr. Trump for years has never shied from a Cold War, consistently throwing barbs out to any of the “losers” and “haters” who have ever crossed him. Even in the most trivial of matters, Mr. Trump believes the high-road is for wimps and isn’t above hitting people below the belt.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered together some of the Republican presidential wannabe’s most insulting, self-righteous takedowns from interviews, the campaign trail, and his own unfiltered Twitter account. Which insult is your favorite? Did we miss any?


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