Famous Athletes Who Spent Time In Prison


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In many ways, professional athletes have a responsibility to be model citizens. Athletes in the spotlight know that impressionable young children and teenagers often look up to them and aspire to be like them. They are our heroes and real-life super stars. Unfortunately, not every star athlete is a model citizen off the field.

In just about every sport, fans have been witness to talented athletes, who often at the top of their game, do something stupid or even criminal. Through their own actions,  they have single-handedly trashed their legacy and reputation. Whether fame and fortune went to their head, or the pressure to perform lead to drugs, or they simply had an evil dark side, some of our favorite athletes became ignoble zeroes in our once adoring eyes. It doesn’t matter how great they once were. or what their excuses were,  these athletes gave up their trophies for prison suits.


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