Hitler’s Last Witness: Rare Photos From the Last Man to See Hitler Alive


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Hitler's Last Witness

Source: Rochus Misch / mediadrumworld.co/WENN

The last witness to Adolf Hitler’s death, Rochus Misch, has revealed what happened in the Fuhrer’s final moments as well as clues to the infamous German leader‘s relationship with lover Eva Braun in never-before-seen photos from Misch’s personal collection. Hitler’s personal bodyguard, Misch has offered an intimate look in the private lives of the Nazi dictator and those close to him. Candid pictures show Hitler and Braun, among others, relaxing on the terrace at the Berghof residence, inside one of Hitler’s many studies and homes, and Misch standing guard at a German outpost.

The details of Hitler’s last minutes and other details about his private life have been revealed in Rochus Misch’s book, Hitler’s Last Witness, which is available to readers and published by Pen and Sword.