NFL’s Top Earners Of 2015


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It gets kind of tricky. Are we going to talk about a player’s cap hit (salary and bonuses) for 2015 or what their contract extended over several years will represent in total earnings? Since contracts can be all over the place, for the sake of this list we will focus on the top earning players’ 2015 cap hits for 2015. But big question: Are these players worth what they’re getting paid? Well, if they can help their team to a winning season, we think they’re worth every penny. But if they’re a bust, and keep costing their team key games, you might want to say they’re overpaid losers.

Note: The rankings for 2014 were based on average annual salary for a¬†player’s multi-year contract. For 2015, we’re using the cap hit, which includes the actual annual salary plus any bonuses rewarded for that year.


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