Really Small Dogs You Wont Believe Actually Exist


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From the moment you set eyes on that cute little puppy, we know you’ll probably fall in love.  From the king-size Saint Bernard to the miniature Chihuahua, both puppies and full-grown dogs have a unique ability to form a special bond with their human owners. And the smaller they are, the cuter they look. The following dogs are so small, you may think these are retouched or doctored photos, but trust us, they’re real. These teeny tiny pups really exist.

These little beach pups love a day in the sun. We bet people walking by are cooing and babbling baby-talk to them. The one in the middle with her eyes closed must be dreaming about getting a snack at the hot dog stand.



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooooo. Ahhhhh. Hi little puppy. You’re sooooo cute, I just want to take you home right now. Yes, yes, yes, I do.

If you thought those first two pics were cute, the following slideshow, with 30 of the cutest, teeniest, sweetest, most cuddly little pups ever, is guaranteed to have you talking and babbling like a love-sick mother. See you at the other end.


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