Take a Tour of Paris as Photographer Merges Past With Present


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Source: Gothem 13/Julien Knez

Source: Golem 13/Julien Knez

It’s probably the closest thing we will ever have to time travel – taking photos from the past and lining them up with contemporary settings. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Parigramme, a French publishing house, also thinks.

The company asked photographer Julien Knez to do a photo series depicting Parisian history from 1871 to 1968 in a modern setting after seeing his previous photo project that juxtaposed photos of Paris’ liberation after WWII to the modern day.

Knez told Mashable, “When historical photographs are inserted into contemporary settings, we open astonishing windows to the past.”

Knez had access to Parigramme’s photo archive where he could select the photos he wanted to use and then go out and scout the locations. It wasn’t always easy taking the photos, though. Knez said sometimes traffic posed a problem, as well as weather and renovations made to the environment.

He also said that since he was alone, he had to take two separate shots, one of the modern setting, and one of just the photo so he could Photoshop them together. Nevertheless, Knez’s creations are so stunning it makes you feel like you’re there.

Click through to see an overview of his photos, but you can also buy his book here.


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