Forget the Gym: The Best Home Exercises to Stay in Shape


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For a variety of reasons, getting to the gym can be difficult, even if you’ve agreed to pay $50 (or likely more) per month for the membership. You had a rough day at work? Nope, no gym tonight. Stay-at-home mom? You’re lucky you have time to shower. Graduate student? That dissertation isn’t going to write itself. Down-pouring outside? Definitely no gym tonight.

BUT never fear, we’re here to take away the stress of having to go to the gym with these essential home exercises. If you’re looking to get in shape (or just stay in shape), build muscle, or burn major┬ácalories, here’s your remedy for the perfect home workout.

Note: The exercises listed here are recommendations. Before starting any workout routine, you should consult your healthcare professional about what sort of exercise routine may be right for you.


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