George Lazenby Backs Idris Elba for Bond


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George Lazenby has backed Idris Elba to play James Bond.

The 76-year-old actor starred as the super sleuth in just one film in the franchise, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in 1969. As Daniel Craig reportedly prepares to leave the part, Elba is one of a number of names linked to the role, and Lazenby thinks he would be a good choice.


However, he added that a black actor taking on the part may lead to “a lot of head scratching” in his opinion.

Lazenby was asked by the Press Association if he thought a black Bond would be a good idea as he attended the 10th anniversary gala of Britweek in Los Angeles.

He replied: “That’s beyond me. I mean, why not? That’s what I say. But then on the other hand, you’re going to have a lot of people scratching their head going, ‘James Bond wasn’t black.'”

And asked if he thought Elba would be a good candidate, Lazenby replied: “Why not? It would be a good idea.”

Elba remains coy about the role every time he is asked. In an interview in March, the 43-year-old actor insisted he has yet to speak to anyone official about the 007 part.

“It’s all rumor-ville… I’m not speaking to the James Bond people, and they’re not speaking to me,” he told Hello!

But Elba seemed to be interested in the role, adding he’d take on the role of James Bond if it was “the will of the nation.”

“If human beings want to know if there’s any connectivity between all of us, the one thing I’ve heard around the world universally is, ‘You’ll be great as James Bond’,” he added.

Other names linked to the part include Tom Hiddleston and Damian Lewis.


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