Girl Receives Doll With Prosthetic Leg Like Hers, Can’t Contain Her Joy


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Source: Facebook/ Courtney Fletcher Bennett

Source: Facebook/ Courtney Fletcher Bennett

For lots of diverse females, the chances of finding a doll that represents them can be pretty slim.

Ten-year-old Emma Bennett knows this struggle all too well. She uses a prosthetic leg due to a rare birth defect and has never encountered a doll that looked like her, until now.


In an emotional video shared on Facebook by her mother and viewed over 10 million times, Bennett is gifted a doll with a pink prosthetic leg just like hers.

Bennett loves American Girl dolls, so mom Courtney Fletcher Bennett decided to reach out to A Step Ahead Prosthetics, a company that makes prosthetics, in order to make a new limb for the doll.

Bennett’s adorable younger sister presents the doll, which is accompanied by a letter, to Bennett.

Her reaction is everything as she hugs the doll and can’t believe it looks like her.

“You got to be kidding me,” she says as she opens the box and immediately starts crying. “It’s got a leg like me,” she says through tears.

“Thank you! Thank you for making a doll like me.”


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